Configure DNS Forwarding for the Top 10 Routers

The following article shows how to configure DNS forwarding on the top 10 commonly used routers and gateways like Cisco, Juniper Networks, FortiGate and others.

Note: If you are changing DNS to forward to Securd IP addresses and, perform Configure a Static IP Site to use Securd DNS first.

Cisco Integrated Services Routers

Access Router Settings: Use Cisco IOS command-line interface (CLI).

  • Enter configuration mode: configure terminal
  • Define DNS server: ip name-server
  • Set up forwarding: ip dns server
  • Exit and save: end and write memory

Juniper Networks SRX Series Gateways

Access Gateway Settings: Use Junos OS CLI.

  • Enter configuration mode: edit
  • Set DNS name servers: set system name-server and set system name-server
  • Configure forwarding: set forwarding-options name-resolution dns-forwarding cache
  • Commit changes: commit

FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall

Access Firewall Settings: Log into the FortiGate GUI.

  • Go to "Network" -> "DNS."
  • Set "Primary" and "Secondary" DNS to and
  • Apply changes.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Aruba Routers

Access Router Settings: Use Aruba Central or CLI.

In CLI, enter configuration mode.

Set DNS servers: ip name-server secondary

Save configuration: write memory

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

Access Router Settings: Use the EdgeOS CLI.

  • Enter configure mode: configure
  • Set name servers: set system name-server and set system name-server
  • Commit and save: commit and save

MikroTik Cloud Core Router

Access Router Settings: Use WinBox or WebFig.

  • Navigate to "IP" -> "DNS."
  • In "DNS Settings," add and as servers.
  • Apply changes.

Sophos XG Firewall

Access Firewall Settings: Use the Sophos XG web admin console.

  • Go to "Administration" -> "Device Access."
  • In "DNS," set primary and secondary servers to and
  • Apply settings.

Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls

Access Firewall Settings: Use the web interface.

  • Navigate to "Network" -> "DNS."
  • Add DNS servers: and
  • Commit changes.

Check Point Quantum Security Gateways

Access Gateway Settings: Use Gaia OS.

  • In "Network Management," go to "DNS."
  • Specify and as DNS servers.
  • Save and apply.

Zyxel Next-Generation Unified Security Gateway

Access Gateway Settings: Use the web-based interface.

  • Go to "Configuration" -> "Network" -> "DNS."
  • Set "DNS Server 1" and "DNS Server 2" to and
  • Apply and save.

This article is a general reference; specific steps may vary based on firmware versions and specific models. Please consult your device's current documentation for detailed instructions and ensure the firmware is up-to-date.