Managing DNS Security Threat Categories

Securd offers out-of-the box protection to the following types of malicious domains.

These threat categories are maintained 24x7 and sourced from a global network of real-time threat intelligence including customer reports, partner cyber threat intelligence and proprietary threat detection processes.

Securd recommends all these categories be checked for all your policies at all times.

Current Security Category List and Description

  • Phishing - Domains hosting an active phishing site.
  • Poor Reputation - Domains controlled by spammers and bad actors.
  • Zero Reputation - New registered domains and dormant domains.
  • Domain Algorithm - Domains generated by an algorithm.
  • Adware - Domains hosting malicious adware.
  • Bad Nameserver - DNS servers with bad reputation.
  • Botnet Command - Domains hosting a botnet C&C.
  • Botnet Resource - Domains hosting a botnet component.
  • Malware Host - Domains hosting downloadable malware.
  • Covid Threat - Domains associated to Covid-19 related cyber crime.
  • Crypto Mining - Domains hosting crypto-mining scripts.
  • High Risk Networks - Domain hosted on globally blocklisted ip or network.
  • Public DoH - Public DNS over HTTPS sites.
  • Typosquatting - Typosquatting domains that target top sites.
  • Sinkhole Domains - Domains pointing to an intelligence & surveillance sinkhole.
  • Porn - Domains that host pornographic content.