How to Block Access to all China's .cn Domains

You can used Securd block DNS resolution to any Chinese host name, domain or top-level domain.

There is one Chinese top-level domain.

.cn is the Latin alphabet Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for China.

If you want to block access to all Chinese domains, you would have add .cn TLDs to an active domain policy list.

Once you have added the .cn top-level domain and other TLDS and it is in your list, click Save.

If the list you are modifying is actively applied tied to a policy, the block will go into effect immediately. To verify, you can check your DNS logs to see blocked DNS traffic.

Note: This procedure will block resolution to the TLDS no matter where they are hosted. If you would like to block any type of domain that uses Chinese IP space, irrespective of TLD, you will have to utilize network block lists to block resolution to domains resolving to Chinese networks. See Allow or Block DNS Resolution on CIDR Blocks