Securd DNS Plans and Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Securd's Plans and Pricing

What's an endpoint?

We consider an endpoint any type of computing instance or device. For example, a laptop, workstation, server, IoT device, or virtual machine is considered a single endpoint.

​How you calculate an endpoint from usage?

Each endpoint is entitled 5K DNS queries per day. We take the total number of queries for the month, divide the number by days, and then divide by 5K.

Why don't you offer end-user pricing?

Endpoint pricing is simple as each endpoint has a DNS client. There is no difference in user, server or application or IoT device pricing.

​Why does my bill have less endpoints than I actually have?

That's where we are different. We calculate the endpoint count from the usage. You can have multiple devices create less than 5K queries a day. We'll end up just calculating that as one endpoint! Btw, our competitors have fine print that they consider a user for anything that produces 3K query a day.

​What's an additional configuration element?

Your plan comes with a number of static sites, DoH sites, security policies, and tenants. As you add more of these elements, each item is an additional $1/m.

Does this pricing work for MSSPs and MSP providers?

Pay as you scale pricing is the most affordable and predictable price available for MSSP and MSP organizations.

​Do you offer annual pricing?

Yes, contact us and a member of our team can build you an customized annual plan.