Securd DNS Network Status

Securd DNS Uptime and Anycast Network Status

We are committed to providing transparency and real-time information on our service status. This guide will help you navigate our status page at Securd DNS Status and interpret the information available.

Accessing the Status Page

To view the current status of Securd DNS, including uptime and any network issues, please visit our dedicated status page at:

This page is available 24/7 and provides real-time updates on the health and performance of our services.
Features of the Status Page

The status page is designed to give you a comprehensive view of the health of our DNS services. Here's what you can find on the page:

  • Overall Service Status: A quick glance at the top of the page will show you the overall status of Securd DNS services. This includes a summary of operational status or any ongoing issues.
  • Individual Service Status: Detailed status of individual components of our service, such as DNS resolution, Anycast network performance, API services, and customer support systems.
  • Uptime Metrics: Historical uptime data providing insights into the reliability and stability of our services over time.
  • Incident Reports: In case of any service interruptions or issues, detailed incident reports will be posted here. These reports include the nature of the issue, affected services, and the steps taken to resolve it.
  • Maintenance Schedules: Information about scheduled maintenance, which is necessary for system upgrades and improvements. Dates, times, and expected impact (if any) will be clearly communicated in advance.

Using the Status Page

  • Check Service Health: Visit the status page anytime to check if all systems are operational or if there are any ongoing issues.
  • Incident Updates: In the event of an incident, refer to this page for real-time updates and expected resolution times.
  • Maintenance Planning: Stay informed about scheduled maintenance to plan for any potential service impact.
  • Historical Data Review: Use the historical uptime data to assess the reliability of Securd DNS services for your planning and analysis.

Feedback and Support

Your feedback is important to us. If you have any suggestions for improving our status page or need assistance in interpreting the data, please reach out to our support team.