Install the Securd Root Certificate Authority

When Securd blocks access to a domain, we do not provide the browser an IP address. This is the intended behavior of blocking access to a domain. To prevent confusion, we redirect blocked domains to a block page. If the redirect happens while you are attempting to connect to a site over HTTPS without a trusted Root Certificate, the end-user will get a certificate error in your browser. To prevent from this message from occurring, please download and set our certificate as a trusted certificate.

Note: Downloading and trusting the Securd Root Certificate is not required when installing the Securd Client.

Serial #

0A BB 15 77 D7 1E 92 BE B4 28 98 1B E3 5A 52 DB BD CC 2B 3F


SHA-256: BD 4A DF 1D 64 63 34 03 61 F0 85 5D 84 4D 2C D3 CF 54 D1 97 44 A8 E4 BC 27 65 E2 B8 5C 19 20 D4
SHA-1: 0B 70 81 02 04 75 2C 22 36 41 1A 62 35 C0 2B FA EC 4B 55 73

Download the Securd Root Certificate.