Using Multi-Factor Authentication with Securd DNS

How to configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Securd

Securd supports multi-factor authentication. You will require the Authy application on your mobile device that will be capable of generating a time-based one-time password (TOTP) authentication code.

Download the Twillio Authy App First

Google Play

App Store

Enabling 2FA

  1. Under the Account section, please go to the 2FA.

  2. Enter a mobile phone number and press the "Enable" button.

  3. On the mobile advice, open the Authy app.

  4. Enter your TOTP that is being presented, confirm the token.

Once this is enabled, you will require to open your Authy app to login. You will use your username and password. The second step in logging in will required you to enter in the TOTP.

Enter the current TOTP and press, Login.