Creating a Virtual Site for Off-Network Clients and DoH Urls

In order to use Securd services to protect an off-network client through DNS over HTTPS (DoH), a Securd virtual site is required to authorize queries and bind them to a security policy.

Create a Virtual Site

  1. Under Protection, browse to Virtual Sites.

  2. Click on New Virtual Site.

  3. Add a name for the site.

  4. Select the security policy that will be enforced on queries to this virtual site.

  5. Save the virtual site.

Setting an Install Key for Mobile Clients

In order to bind an off-network device to a security policy, it needs to be mapped to a virtual site. Each virtual site has an install key that is used to generate and connect devices to a policy.

To get the install key for a virtual site:

  1. Under Protection, browse to Virtual Sites.

  2. Click on the edit button for the virtual site of your choice.

  3. Copy this private install key and use this key when installing the Securd Client.

Connecting with DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH)

In order to use DNS-over-HTTPS, you will either need the prefix or the DoH url for a configuration template.

Configure DNS-over-HTTPS in Linux

Configure DNS-over-HTTPS in Chrome

Configure DNS-over-HTTPS in Firefox

Configure DNS-over-HTTPS for Windows 10 (Build 19628 or Newer)