Forward Windows DNS Server Queries to Securd

Before Your Begin Forwarding DNS Queries from Windows Server


You should have the DNS role installed. To install the DNS role, please see one of the following articles:


Configure a Static IP Site to use Securd first. Once you have performed this function, continue.

Pointing Windows DNS Server to Securd

  1. Open DNS Manager Open Run box typing Win+R, type dnsmgmt.msc, click OK
  2. Open the DNS Server properties Right click the DNS Server to change, select Properties
  3. Open the Edit Forwarders window Select the Forwarders tab, click Edit
    1. Add the following IPv4 addresses to the forwarder:
    2. Click OK
    3. Apply the change, Securd IPv4 addresses will be listed.
  4. DNS Queries will now be forwarded to Securd

Once complete, you should be able to Search, Filter, and Export Securd DNS Logs in the Securd portal.

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